Monday, February 1, 2010

Gallery Freenote - Thanks for the Great Grand Opening!

The artist as tiny tiger waves happily to her guests.
Thank you to all my dear friends and fans who made the Grand Opening of the new Gallery Freenote such a success. Over sixty people visited during that two hours. We had a fabulous time on Sunday afternoon, thanks to all of you, and to my dear friends Xavian Starsider who DJ'd for us and Ganjo Mokeev who rocked the house with his fantastic live performance.

The dust has settled, but the gallery is now open for all to visit anytime. Gallery Freenote is located on the second floor of the Tiatopia Art Gallery on Tiatopia Island. A few of my sculptures are also on display on the roof garden. And there are an additional four of my sculptures outside around the central Quad of the sim.
Opening Party at the new Gallery Freenote