Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Gift of the Goddess" Wins First Place on Sim B in InWorldz Art Festival

I am humbled and delighted to report that I won first place in the work on Sim B in the InWorldz Dreams & Visions Art Festival 2011.  There were four sims of exhibits, with a first and second place winner on each sim. 

Winners are: 
Sim A: La Toymaker
2nd: soror Nishi

Sim B: Teal Freenote
2nd: Julia Hathor

Sim C: Nickola Martynov & Micheil Merlin
2nd: Alizarin Goldflake

Sim D: Ub Yifu
2nd: Xzavia Yifu & Zauber Paracelsus

Many artists that I have admired for years were in this festival. The festival continues through November 22nd.  After that, this work and the other winners will be displayed on Jeri Rahja's art sims - location tbd.  I will also exhibit it at Gallery Freenote on the Dreamwalker sim InWorldz.

More pictures of the work in the previous post.
Wonderful online catalog and information here:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Sculpture 39: Gift of the Goddess"

My 30m x 30m instalation at the InWorldz Art Festival Nov 1-22, 2011.

Detail of "Gift of the Goddess" by Teal Freenote

Detail of "Gift of the Goddess" by Teal Freenote

I have taken photos at the IW Art Festival 2011 of many of the amazing works on display there. Here is my portfolio of photos from the festival on Flicker.

Sculpture 40: "Passage"

Sculpture 40: "Passage" by Teal Freenote
Sculpture 40: "Passage", a photo by Teal Freenote on Flickr.
My latest sculpture "Passage" is now on view in the sky level at Gallery Freenote in InWorldz.

Detail of Sculpture 40: "Passage" by Teal Freenote
Detail of Sculpture 40: "Passage" by Teal Freenote
Gallery Freenote
Dreamwalker (190,81,22)
InWorldz Grid

Thursday, November 3, 2011

InWordz Art Festival Nov 1-22

I will be exhibiting in this first InWorldz Dreams & Visions Art Festival.
Nov 1-11: onsite building
Nov 12-22: onsite events and judges will be viewing the artworks
Nov 22: awards and party

Installing my sculpture "Gift of the Goddess" on the grounds
of the InWorldz Dreams & Visions Art Festival