Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Gift of the Goddess" Wins First Place on Sim B in InWorldz Art Festival

I am humbled and delighted to report that I won first place in the work on Sim B in the InWorldz Dreams & Visions Art Festival 2011.  There were four sims of exhibits, with a first and second place winner on each sim. 

Winners are: 
Sim A: La Toymaker
2nd: soror Nishi

Sim B: Teal Freenote
2nd: Julia Hathor

Sim C: Nickola Martynov & Micheil Merlin
2nd: Alizarin Goldflake

Sim D: Ub Yifu
2nd: Xzavia Yifu & Zauber Paracelsus

Many artists that I have admired for years were in this festival. The festival continues through November 22nd.  After that, this work and the other winners will be displayed on Jeri Rahja's art sims - location tbd.  I will also exhibit it at Gallery Freenote on the Dreamwalker sim InWorldz.

More pictures of the work in the previous post.
Wonderful online catalog and information here: