Monday, February 22, 2010

Teal Freenote Exhibits in "Comic Relief"

The artist with 2 of her 8 works shown in "Comic Relief" at VHAC

I am one of the invited artists participating in a new exhibition at the Vista Hermosa Art Center (VHAC) titled "Comic Relief". Show opening is February 27th at 3 pm. "Comic Relief" defined as: Releasing the tensions of our live's tragedy and absurdity by usage of comic elements. The exhibition features works by Scottius Polke, nessuno Myoo, Kicca Igaly, Fuschia Nightfire, Gleman Jun,
Prajna Seetan, Pol Jarvinen, Van Caerndow, Cat Boccacio, Pete Jiminy, RAG Randt and Teal Freenote.

Gallery Freenote in New Art Lovers Ring

The people in the Galleries of Second Life gallery owners group have created a new Art Lovers Ring. Gallery Freenote is one of the first of more than twenty galleries in the ring. Visit the gallery, click the ring welcome sign for info on the ring, then find and click the LM/gift sign (as shown above) for a free gift of art and a landmark to the next gallery in the ring. You can start anywhere on the ring. Each gallery will have a free gift for you. And you will see some wonderful work!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Sculpture: "Hope Anyway"

My latest sculpture "Hope Anyway" is complete and now on exhibit at Gallery Freenote on the second floor of the Tiatopia Fine Art Center. For the rest of February, it is also on display in the central Quad there among the works at the Art Fair.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quad Art Fair - Tiatopia - February

Images from "A Tiny View of Emvee Cuba"
I am in an art fair during the month of February occupying the central Quad of Tiatopia Island. A number of wonderful artists are exhibiting, along with an art auction for charity. My newest sculpture "Hope Anyway" is also displayed on the grounds (picture coming soon) as well as in my gallery on the second floor of the Tiatopia Fine Art Center.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gallery Freenote - Thanks for the Great Grand Opening!

The artist as tiny tiger waves happily to her guests.
Thank you to all my dear friends and fans who made the Grand Opening of the new Gallery Freenote such a success. Over sixty people visited during that two hours. We had a fabulous time on Sunday afternoon, thanks to all of you, and to my dear friends Xavian Starsider who DJ'd for us and Ganjo Mokeev who rocked the house with his fantastic live performance.

The dust has settled, but the gallery is now open for all to visit anytime. Gallery Freenote is located on the second floor of the Tiatopia Art Gallery on Tiatopia Island. A few of my sculptures are also on display on the roof garden. And there are an additional four of my sculptures outside around the central Quad of the sim.
Opening Party at the new Gallery Freenote

"COLD" Opening Party

The opening party was held for "COLD" - the joint exhibition with Columbia College Chicago Interactive Arts + Media and Raglan Shire in SL. I am one of the exhibiting artists, with 5 2D works and one sculpture. The exhibition runs through February 28th.