Monday, December 10, 2012

Gallery Freenote Relocating to InWorldz

Hello Dear Friends! In two weeks, I am closing my Second LifeGallery.  I am creating all my works over in InWorldz now and have huge space to both create and to show my work, and its very expensive in SL. It seems ridiculous to keep maintaining such an expensive space when all my creative energy is being funneled on another grid for much less expense and much more creative freedom.  So if you want one last visit to Gallery Freenote in SL, now is the time.

Please visit Gallery Freenote in InWorldz and my sculpture garden SIM (yes a whole sim) Dreamsinger Sculpture Isle in the InWorldz grid. Its an exciting place for artists, and an exciting time there as the grid will come out of beta around the first of the year.

Gallery Freenote InWorlz at the left - adjacent to Dreamsinger Sculpture Isle

I will continue to exhibit in other festivals and galleries in SL, but my main location will now be InWorldz. I have an exhibiton coming in March 2013 at Mathilde Vhargon's Two Shores Gallery in SL.

Thank you all for your support, kind words, and patronage. Much love to you all.