Friday, May 22, 2009

Teal Freenote on The 1st Question

On Tuesday evening, May 19th, Teal Freenote appeared as a guest panelist on the SLCN.TV show "The 1st Question". She was the artist representative on a panel of creative avatars including musicians Cypress Rosewood and Jana Kyomoon, and comedian Jwheels Carver. The audience was packed with many tinies from the Raglan Shire who came by to cheer on fellow tiny, Teal Freenote.
screenshot from online archives - see the show
Initially, Jwheels was declared the winner. But after some consideration following the show, and a protest from the tiny members in the audience over the malfunction of the voting board in one segment of the quiz, Teal was also declared winner and given a trip to the prize vault. I selected two wonderful works of art which I will greatly enjoy.
Teal says: "I had loads of fun and got to promote the Raglan ArtWalk going on now through the end of May. But best of all, I had the incredible support of my tiny friends and family. I felt very loved, and that is the best you can ask for in any L. "