Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to Gallery Freenote!

Welcome to the blog for Gallery Freenote - the art gallery in Second Life for Teal Freenote.

Gallery Freenote at 96 Bourbon Street in the French Quarter Sim features the SL photography and sculpture of my SL avatar Teal Freenote, along with representations of my RL digital fine art work. Some of my SL photography focuses on SL through the unique viewpoint of a tiny avatar. My SL sculpture derives from dream and symbolic imagery around emotional and spiritual feelings. My RL artwork is a synthesis of digital drawing and painting, photography and scanned items, often with an environmental theme.

You can see a bit of the gallery on the web in the French Quarter's website at:

Also, visit the new Freenote Sculpture Garden - some of the in-world sculpture of Teal Freenote, displayed in a garden setting in the Raglan Commons sim.

I will publish pictures of my artwork on this blog and announce new works and events connected with the gallery and other shows that I participate in.

I look forward to sharing my work with you :)
~ Teal Freenote